Nov 142011

I’ve been working hard converting a client’s network from Windows Server 2003 SBS with Windows XP workstations to Windows Server 2008 R2 with Windows 7 workstations, and dealing with all the various issues that came up.  Upgrading hardware and operating system were easy.  It’s dealing with the diddly details that takes time—more on those later.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’m suddenly plagued with a raft of equipment problems:

  • The fuser in my trusty HP 4100dtn printer has failed, so I need to get the maintenance kit to replace the fuser, upgrade the rollers, etc.
  • The copier has stopped working.  Maybe it just needs a new toner cartridge, but it looks worse than that.
  • So I break out the Epson Photo R280 as a backup printer.  Works fine on my machine but I can’t install it as a network printer on Teresa’s computer (which I recently upgraded to a Dell Optiplex 990 with an i7-2600 processor).  Another mystery, needing research time.
  • My Dell U2711 monitor is beginning to fail.  But first I had to work with Dell to transfer ownership from the reseller to myself.  And it’s an intermittent problem, so I’ll have to do some special testing before I can confirm it’s the monitor and not the video card or computer, and persuade Dell support to send a replacement.

Time?  What time?  We’re getting ready for a trip and I need to focus on wrapping up, not on starting new projects!  Even if I ordered replacement parts for the printer and copier today, they wouldn’t get here before we left.  So all those projects get to be on hold for now.

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