Apr 252012

Now that we’re back from Tucson, I’ve been able to attend to all the things that broke before we left.

  • Installed the HP maintenance kit for our workhorse HP 4100dtn printer.  I had ordered from a site offering an inexpensive kit on Amazon, and implying that it was an original HP kit.  It wasn’t–it was some “equivalent” kit.  So I sent it back and ordered a somewhat more expensive, but really made by HP, kit from a vendor on eBay.  Once it arrived, it was a matter of moments to replace the fuzer, transfer roller, and various pickup rollers.  The printer now works as well as it did when it was new.  (I must admit we underutilize this printer.  It is rated at 150K copies per month, and we have printed less than 100K copies in the more than twelve years we’ve had this printer.)
  • Junked the Xerox copier and replaced it with an Epson Workforce 845 All-In-One printer.  While this printer is inkjet rather than laser, the image quality is satisfactory.  We gain several advantages over the old copier.  A document feeder is very helpful.  We now have an easy-to-use color printer, although we use color little because of ink cost.  But the biggest joy is the ability to scan documents to PDF files just by loading the paper and pressing some buttons on the AIO.  I needed to scan lots of documents after our return and this was a lifesaver.
  • The Dell U2711 monitor is now working perfectly after its long rest while we were in Tucson.  Here’s hoping it keeps working.
  • With the Epson Workforce now serving as a backup printer, we have less need to connect the Epson R280 to the network.

So, all is working well, at least for today.

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