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May 032012

I just found The Tao of Backup, an amusing but useful perspective on backups.

The story is slightly dated with its reference to using tape for backup and use of Veracity, a now obsolete product for detecting file changes.  (There are other methods that address the risk of undetected, creeping changes to files better than Veracity.)

It’s a good read and addresses many of the risks that backups address.

May 022012

So you have, or want, a web site? And your web consultant starts talking about web hosting accounts, domain names, and other strange stuff. There’s an account for this, and an account for that, and on seemingly forever. What does it all mean? Like a house, you may just want the result, and not have to understand all of the internal construction details about 2×4’s, subflooring, and utility hookups.

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Mar 012012

In late February, someone attempted to deface the Port Townsend Sangha web site.  The attempt was only partly successful–the site lost its formatting but the hacker’s graphic message was not displayed.  Since the damage was relatively minor, I spent a day investigating exactly what changes they made and tried to determine how they gained access to the site.

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Nov 142011

I’ve been working hard converting a client’s network from Windows Server 2003 SBS with Windows XP workstations to Windows Server 2008 R2 with Windows 7 workstations, and dealing with all the various issues that came up.  Upgrading hardware and operating system were easy.  It’s dealing with the diddly details that takes time—more on those later.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’m suddenly plagued with a raft of equipment problems:

Aug 062011

We are in the process of creating a new web site for Guy Scharf Consulting and Guy’s Computing Notes blog. Guy & Teresa Scharf’s personal web site is here.